Xiongcai Cai

Smart Services CRC
School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales.


COMP9517: Computer Vision

Lecturer - 2008S2, 2009S2, 2010S2, 2011S2, 2012S2, 2013S2, 2016S2, 2017S2, 2018S1, 2018S2

Course Administrator and Tutor - 2004S2, 2005S2, 2007S2

COMP9417: Machine Learning and Data Mining

Visiting Lecturer - 2009s1, 2010s1

COMP9031: Internet Programming

Tutor - 2006S1

COMP9315: Database Implementation

Tutor - 2006S1

COMP4001: Object-Oriented Software Development

Tutor - 2004S1,2005S1,2007S1,2008S1

COMP9321: E-Commerce Systems Implementation Infrastructure

Tutor - 2005S1,2006S2,2007S1

COMP3121/3821(Extended): Algorithms and Programming Techniques

Course Administrator - 2008S1

COMP9101/9801(Extended): Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Course Administrator - 2008S1